EM410 - Solutions for E-Mobility It won’t work unless energy flows are automated!

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In the near future, drivers will decide to switch to electric cars. Vehicles with sufficient range will become available, and drivers will want to recharge their cars at home – ideally, using electricity generated by their own solar panels

But this will require automation of the charging current on the basis of the available supply.

Smart Energy Flow and energy management for private homes

Ideally, your residential photovoltaic system should generate 100% of the energy your home consumes. And this is exactly where the Energy Manager EM410 comes into play. It consistently automates electrical energy consumption in single-family homes, making it indispensable for e-mobility and intelligent charging at home. 

TQ-Automation also offers solutions for industry, hotels and e.g. multi-family houses. Here, the EM 410 is used in a modified form as a registration unit.

Consumption points are switched on and off in an intelligent way to maximize efficiency. For example, the electric car should work with the existing energy infrastructure in the house, for example by installing a wall box. In conjunction with other consumption points, the electric car is to be charged with the highest possible current.

Cross-section view of a home with energy flow

It won’t work unless energy flows are automated!

Since the typical connected load of houses is currently 3 x 32A / 3 x 50A, charging your electric car without automation is not possible during regular house operation.


Overview of the benefits of the EM410

Blackout protection (Overload protection)

  • Safe charging by avoiding overloading

Tariff-optimized charging

  • The optimal charging schedule for the electric car is calculated with taking into account the static electricity tariffs of the energy supply company (power utility company)

Optimized charging with self-generated power

  • Charging with decentralized energy generation, e.g. photovoltaic system or CHP

Investment protection

  • Modular concept with app

Operational control of charging devices for electric cars

  • EEBus Use Case for e-mobility
  • Operational control via Modbus TCP

Cloud solution

  • Automatic updates
  • Optional extensions and download of additional programs
  • Visualization of the energy flow
  • Charging with decentralized energy generation, e.g. photovoltaic system or CHP


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