Energy Manager EM420Innovation at zero cost - The successor of the EM300

EM for use according to ISO50001. The 4-quadrant smart meter.

Energy Manager EM420
  • Typically used in commercial application
  • Connection of up to 96 current sensors (max. 8 energy bars)
  • 4-quadrant meter, 63 A direct measurement. 8GB Storage
  • Decentralized data logging (dependent on settings) class 1
  • 4 DU (Division unit)
Measurement of real and reactive power, apparent power, real, reactive and apparent energy, current, voltage and power factor per phase, connection of up to 96 current sensors
Automatic export of data as csv file by FTP File Transfer or e-mail, shortest data interval, 1 minute
Transmission of measurement data in addition via standard interfaces Modbus-TCP / Modbus-RTU, configurable for master/ slave operation (with additional connection of current sensors, transmission of measurement data only over Modbus-TCP)
Interval for transmission of measurement data configurable from 1 second, 200 ms on request (master/slave)
In Modbus-TCP slave mode, polling interval <1 second possible
Transmission of measurement data also by http request (output in JSON format)
Integral Web-server for easy configuration of the unit and clear display of the consumption values on a smartphone, tablet or PC, additional visualisation with IOs/Android app
Analysis software can be subsidised on the basis of ISO 50001 via the Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA - Federal Department for Business and Export Control)
LAN interface (EM300 L), LAN/RS485 interface (EM300 LR), LAN/WLAN/RS485 interface (EM300 LRW)

* not certified for generation of data for invoicing

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature:
  • -25°C...+45°C with reduced In to 32 A: -25°C...+55°C*
Relative humidity (non-condensing):
  • Up to 75% annual average (non-condensing), up to 95% on up to 30 days/year
Max. Height during operation:
  • 2000m above NN

Mechanical data

Housing material:
  • Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
Protection class/type:
  • II/IP2X
  • 0.3 kg
  • 88x70x65 mm

Measurement accuracy

Active energy:
  • Class 1
Reactive energy:
  • Class 1
  • Related to IEC 62053-22 or -23 (typical)
  • Note: When using external current transformers, the respective measuring accuracy must be taken into account.


Wire size:
  • 10-25 mm² (Mechanical: from 1.5-25 mm²)
Torque for screw terminal:
  • 2.0 Nm

Product norms

EN 61010:
  • yes

CPU/Processor data

Operating System:
  • Embedded Linux with integrated TCP/IP Stack

Voltage and current inputs

Overvoltage category:
  • CAT III 300V
  • 50/60Hz +/-5%

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