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Experience the success story of the TQ HPR® 120S and its development filmed in exciting conversations, informative tutorials and rousing moments. With the simple goal of inspiring people and bringing a smile to your face.


Verbier EBike Festival

Breathtaking Scenerie, challenging terrain but lots of fun anyway with the TQ HPR 120S – Check out our personal Verbier highlights full of pure riding pleasure and a great view. Who's ready to get the season started?

TQ-Factory-Tour: The TQ HPR® 120S R&D Testing Station

Every component of the TQ HPR® 120S passes our endurance test in continuous operation before it is installed.

TQ-Factory-Tour: The TQ HPR® 120S Production Facilities

Hand-picked employees must complete a rigorous training program before graduating to the assembly line.

TQ-Factory-Tour: The TQ HPR® 120S Production Test Bench

We check every TQ HPR® 120S one last time for electrical and mechanical compliance before it leaves the plant.

EMTB Adventure 2019

Riding an e-bike through wonderful landscapes, stopping for a gourmet break in special places, enjoying the views of Garda Trentino: all this is EMTB Adventure!

Riva Bike Festival 2019 - Day 2

Day 2 at the BIKE Festival in Riva. The big story? The first public test rides of the Haibike FLYON series powered by TQ. Check out some of the highlights.

Riva Bike Festival 2019 - Day 1

Day 1 at Riva Bike Festival 2019. As always an incomparable atmosphere at Lake Garda.

Presentation Haibike FLYON with TQ motor | Eurobike 2018

Presentation of the newest Haibike highlight - FLYON Models with the powerful TQ motor. Rob Hancill the british blogger was testing the bike. Find out what he thinks.

Welcome to the future of E-Mobility!

Movement is created by dynamism and progress - and by revolutionary ideas that give modern means of transport a whole new driving force.

E-bike past and future

With the gorgeous Lake Garda as a backdrop, Peter Schlickenrieder interviews outdoor legend Uli Stanciu, sports journalist Markus Greber and TQ-experts Frederic Grimm and Stefan Schneider.

Eurobike 2018

It's time - The Eurobike 2018 was an absolute highlight! Haibike presents its completely new e-bike platform FLYON based on our engine.

E-Bike Days Munich 2018

Faster, stronger - Fly up the Olympiaberg in Munich!

Live at the lake: the TQ-Yamaichi podcast

The future of e-mobility? - Listen to our Podcast with Yamaichi filmed at TQ house in Wörthsee

RIVA BIKE Festival 2018 - Day 1

Experiences of the first day in Riva - live with TQ.

Garda Trentino EMTB Adventure

Handpicked trails, incredible local cuisine and the most powerful e-bike motor on the market.

Why e-bike?

Our interview with Peter Schlickenrieder at the Garda Trentino EMTB Adventure 2017.

Eurobike 2017

Great atmosphere, great visitors and an incredible atmosphere, especially on Festival Day.

E Bike Days Munich

Off to the E BIKE DAYS in the Olympic Park. Conquer the Olympic mountain with the TQ HPR® 120S.

E Bike Days Review

Three great days in Munich's Olympic Park, where people could convince themselves of the power of the TQ HPR® 120S.

What do our test pilots say?

Well over 100 test rides completed on the E-Bike-Days - our "test pilots" report.

Motor decoupling

What makes the TQ HPR® 120S Ebike drive so special? The complete decoupling of the motor in case the juice runs out.

Starting and pushing aid

Willy Rossberger explains the starting and pushing aid, a special feature of the TQ HPR® 120S e-bike drive.

Making of Bicycle Brand Contest

Toni Rossberger, Hans-Georg Kasten and Reiner Gerstner - the team behind the winning design at the Bicycle Brand Contest 2017.

Get Moving!

Great power instead of mediocre progress, riding fun instead of traffic jams, speed instead of time stress - e-bike mobility powered by TQ-Drives.

BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Day 1

We performed for the first time with our TQ-Factory pilot bikes and the TQ HPR® 120S engine. A daily review of day 1 of the festival.

BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Day 2

The TQ HPR® 120S inspires local people and brings you to the beautiful panorama at Lake Garda.

BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Day 3

Olympic medal winner and outdoor sports expert Peter Schlickenrieder was able to experience the power of the TQ HPR® 120S for himself - and was thrilled.

Getting Vertical at the Oktoberfest

To keep from sliding back down the 6 meter high "Wand of Death," riders Jagath Perera and Benno Dellinger rely on an extra strong e-bike drive capable of maintaining a speed of 45 km/h without missing a beat. A steady hand also helps.

Spitzing Action with Toni Rossberger

How much fun is an e-bike? Our Toni Rossberger will show you!

Toni Rossberger is pulling a train!

How do you pull a train car? With the power drive from TQ-Drives it's child's play!

Toni Rossberger pulls a van

How to pull a 2,300 kilo van with a bicycle? Toni Rossberger shows you how: with the e-bike drive from TQ!

Image galleries

Whether in the mountains around Lake Garda or at home in Munich. Every year we are on the road with our TQ test fleet at various events. Here are the most exciting moments in pictures.

TQ Factory Tour

TQ@Verbier E-Bike Festival

TQ@EMTB-Adventure Torbole Images: Andrea Mochen

TQ@Riva Bike Festival

TQ@Eurobike Friedrichshafen

TQ@E-Bike Days Munich

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