• Reliable function test
    Reliable function test
  • Reliable function test
    Reliable function test
  • Reliable function test
    Reliable function test


Once manufacture of the module has concluded, you can have the assembled circuit boards tested on our test bay with all the usual procedures- if you wish by employing the test apparatus specially developed by TQ for your module (service area Development).

How you benefit:

  • individual test procedures tailored to your needs with optimized testing scope and an optimal cost-benefit relationship
  • reduced costs during continued processing of the modules by the client thanks to minimization of sources of errors

Test procedures

  • In-circuit Test
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Boundary Scan Test
  • Function Test
  • Security Test
  • Burn-In Tests (active/passive, dynamic/static)
  • HALT and HASS Test
  • Combined testing
  • Project-specific testing strategy


  • 3 In-circuit and function test systems ITA Scorpion
  • 5 Teradyne/Genrad test stations 2281/2284 (ICT, BST, FKT)
  • 3 Teradyne LH 124/128 (ICT, BST, FKT)
  • 2 Teradyne Spectrum (ICT, BST, FKT)
  • 3 Agilent/HP 3070 (ICT, BST, FKT)
  • 2 SPEA 100 (ICT)
  • 6 high-speed flying probe test systems SPEA 4040 / 4060
  • 8 boundary scan testing systems  GÖPEL Cascon Galaxy
  • 12 High-voltage test stations
  • PC-based function test systems
  • Application-specific function test systems
  • 10 climate chambers
  • Cable/contact tester
  • Safety test Sekutest
  • HALT/HASS test system Typhoon 3.0
  • Temperature shock  test chamber  White TS 120