• The unlimited world of electronics
    The unlimited world of electronics

Customer specific products / ODM products

In addition to standard products, TQ offers customer-specific products (ODM products) built to customer requirements using a comprehensive solution toolkit including tried and proven hardware, software and mechanical solution modules.

The ODM solution approach reduces development times, costs and risks, as well as cutting manufacturing costs.


How you benefit:

  • Greater planning certainty with regard to cost/schedule/results
  • Reduced development times
  • Shorter time to market
  • Minimized development risks
  • Lower development costs
  • A higher, proven quality standard
  • Redesigns caused by discontinued parts minimized by using components checked for obsolescence
  • Reduced manufacturing costs using Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Testability (DFT) and existing modules and motherboards (volume effect)


Solution toolkit

The TQ solution toolkit comprises tried and proven solution modules from the following areas:

  • Microcontroller modules/ CPU modules: ARM, Power Architecture, Intel architecture (-> TQ products)
  • Microcontroller applications: All popular microcontroller platforms from 8 to 64 bits
  • Motherboards: Motherboard with numerous standard interfaces, power supply, power management, display interface, etc.
  • HMI systems: Complete devices or modules for installation for control and monitoring
  • M2M: Data loggers, gateways, remote maintenance solutions, as a DIN rail device or stand-alone with/without housing
  • Interfaces and fieldbus systems: Analog and digital I/Os, optical interfaces, PCI, PCI Express, PC card, J1850, RapidIO, SATA, RS232, RS422/485, USB, CAN, Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, M-Bus, KNX, LON, etc.
  • Display and touch-screen solutions: All popular display and touch-screen technologies; resistive, capacitive, multi-touch with software support
  • Data processing: Industrial router and firewall solutions
  • Open-loop control/measurement/close-loop control: Device and equipment control systems, DIN rail control systems, compact and modular solutions
  • Drive solutions: Motors, motor control systems, transmissions, actuators
  • Power electronics: DC/DC converters, converters/inverters
  • Energy monitoring: Smart meter solutions, PV monitoring
  • Software: Basic software, drivers and applications for Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, Android, freeRTOS
  • Mechanical systems: Industrial housings, transmission solutions ( -> TQ drive solutions)
  • Wireless Video (Realtime video transmission in HD)
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