• Precise assembly
    Precise assembly
  • Precise assembly
    Precise assembly
  • Precise assembly
    Precise assembly


In the same way that the manner in which you take up our system service offer is flexible, you can also adjust its extent according to your needs. We will assemble your modules to produce complete devices by means of contract assembly and beyond and deliver them as requested to your end clients.

How you benefit:

  • you only engage one (system) supplier and thus reduce the number of order proposals and contact persons
  • you are relieved of coordinating tasks since the interfaces between electronics and mechanics are the responsibility of TQ
  • all in all, you benefit from high production reliability

Assembly of electronic modules

  • System integration
  • Device mounting
  • Drive systems
  • Optical systems
  • Laser systems
  • Clean room conditions
  • Adhesive bonding, dispensation, casting and silicone coating
  • Adjustment / calibration
  • Function test, safety test, final test

Assembly of laser systems

  • Assembly and alignment of CTH:YAG solid-state lasers with up to 50W
  • Assembly and alignment of Thulmium Fiber lasers with up to 120W
  • Assembly and alignment of CTH:YAG laser sources
  • International SCM
  • System integration
  • Device mounting
  • Cleanroom conditions
  • Adjustments / Calibration
  • Functional, safety and final testing

Construction of switchgears

  • Development and production 
  • Development of test systems
  • Cable Service
  • Harnesses
  • Integration of electricity and electronics
  • Programming and parameterization
  • Custom optimization
  • Wiring test
  • Function test, safety test, final test

A few examples from our assembly area:

Assembly of

  • industrial PCs
  • sensors for test apparatus
  • ticket printers
  • invertors for solar panel installations
  • medical laser systems 

Assembly of switchgear to be used

  • as turbine generator control units for block heat power plants
  • as control units for fuel gas supply lines at steel works
  • to control lifting gear for industrial cranes
  • as control units for freight ships

You find detailed information about our switchgear assembly services in the