• Extensive after-sales service
    Extensive after-sales service


Comprehensive after-sales-services round off our E²MS full service package.

How you benefit:

  • short throughput times
  • detailed clarification of the causes of errors
  • direct service management with end clients available
  • Repair Service
  • Rework, modifications and upgrades
  • Maintenance and calibration
  • Long-time service (>10 years)
  • Direct service processing with customers
  • Aviation service according to DIN EN 9110
  • Short lead time
  • Service traceability, lifecycle files
  • Detailed error cause analysis
  • Initiation of corrective action (internal/external
  • aerospace service complying with DIN EN 9110 for a leading aircraft manufacturer
  • after-sale service for clients in industry, medical technology, automation, safety technology, traffic and transport technology