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TQ Fastening Solution Easily automate screwdriving processes!

Atlas Copco peripherals in combination with the TQ Screwdriving App Package

Process automation - faster and better

The TQ Screwdriving Solution is the modular extension to our Core Solution and enables you to automate your screwdriving process easily.

Screw sizes from M1.6 up to a maximum tightening torque of 12Nm can be used. This application is implemented by a combination of the Franka Emika cobot and the Atlas Copco peripherals.

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Intelligent monitoring of the tightening process to increase quality and productivity

When using the TQ-Robotics Screwdriving Solution, the unique sensitivity of the Franka Emika Panda robot, in combination with the TQ Screwing Apps and the peripherals, enables you to control all process-relevant screwdriving parameters:

  • Torque/angle of rotation
  • Seating control strategy
  • Clamping torque monitoring
  • Documentation of screwdriving results
  • Automatic error handling for faulty screw connections
Fine adjusting pose

Screwdriving and much more - the variety of TQ-Robotic Solutions

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