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Process automation made easy with the cobot. TQ Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for your production process.

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Video Robotics Core-Solution

Ready for use at any time - our field-tested TQ Solutions consist of our software, our robot and the appropriate peripherals

You don’t want to rack your brain over how to automate your process? TQ-Robotics offers you the perfect solution.
Use the already perfectly coordinated application packages so that you can start right away - impressively simple. Our solutions are already in use and have been tailored and optimized for industrial production and tasks, such as screwdriving, soldering, gluing, and even 2D camera recognition.

TQ Fastening Solution

Easily automate screwdriving processes - including AtlasCopco® Screw Peripherals.


TQ Soldering Solution

Forget soldering your products by hand! This is how you can increase the productivity and quality of your soldering processes.


TQ Dispensing Solution

Automating the gluing process is impressively simple - even for complex geometries.


TQ 2D Camera Solution

Automatically detects object positions. Easy automation of sorting activities!


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Industry- and field-tested.

Our products are developed in practice for practical application. Take a look at these impressive application examples and success stories.


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