Time to automate your processes!

Impressively simple - TQ-Robotics! Start your personal and free process check.

TQ Core Solution The basic package for Pick & Place tasks!

The fastest and easiest way to get started with process automation - with many field-tested TQ apps.

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A simple way to automate basic processes

TQ Core Solution opens the door to quick and independent process automation. This includes movement, process sequence logic, signal exchange, and error handling.

With a variety of apps, the Basic Apps Package contains everything you need for Pick & Place processes.

At the same time, the Franka Core Solution can be expanded arbitrarily and modularly by using our other TQ Robotics Solutions.

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Flexibility and independent use as a key to success

TQ Core Solution offers you an easy way to independently implement automation in your production operations. 

We will show you how you can easily use our intuitive user interface and thus automate industrial processes yourself.

We and our certified partners are also happy to help you with the quick and easy installation and commissioning.

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TQ-Robotics Guide

Your individual TQ-Robotics-Solution

TQ Fastening Solution

Easily automate screwdriving processes - including AtlasCopco® Screw Peripherals.


TQ Soldering Solution

Forget soldering your products by hand! This is how you can increase the productivity and quality of your soldering processes.


TQ Dispensing Solution

Automating the gluing process is impressively simple - even for complex geometries.


TQ 2D Camera Solution

Automatically detects object positions. Easy automation of sorting activities!


The TQ-Robotics Core Solution contains

Franka Production 3 Bundle

  • 1 Franka Production 3
  • industry proven Basic Apps
  • Franka Hand

For 25.000,- €

TQ Robotics Core Package

  • TQ control cabinet
  • TQ adapter board
  • E-Learning

Total for 29.000,00 €  (net / ex works)

Advice regarding our TQ Core Solution without any obligation for you

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