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The Franka Production 3 A cobot that inspires the world

The award-winning Cobot sets new standards with its functionality and appearance

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Franka Emika Production 3

What is the Cobot?

Sensitive, smart and suitable for industrial use. The FRANKA EMIKA's Cobot is the perfect fit for your step towards automation - uncomplicated, reliable and with a unique return on investment.


With its innovative 7-axis technology and corresponding torque sensors in each axis, the Cobot is one of the most sensitive robots available today and can be used perfectly in all conceivable industrial applications. With its unique and simple app interface, the robot is not only extremely user-friendly, but also very easy to put into operation.


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High degree of sensitivity

7 axes mean 7 degrees of freedom and thus virtually unlimited flexibility and precision. But the Franka Production 3 does not only set new standards in these fields. 

Advantages for you:

  • 7 degrees of freedom through 7 axes - agile and sensitive like a human arm
  • Sensitive joining - the Cobot can "wiggle" parts into a form and thus "feel its way" forward
  • Repeatability - maximum repeatability in all directions
  • Collision vs. Interaction - highly accurate contact recognition, interpretation and reaction
  • Follows contours - precise, agile and weightless with a soft robot control
  • Sensitivity - immediate stop in case of collision
Franka Emika Production 3

International Awards

Design Award
German Innovation Award
Best Time Inventions
Deutscher Zukunftspreis

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