Absolute Position Sensors RD38-AKSIM38 mm | 10000 rpm | 17 bit singleturn | 16 bit multiturn

Absolute magnetic multiturn encoders with hollow-shaft design. Dimensioned for use with corresponding ILM38 frameless servo kits from TQ-RoboDrive.

  • Hollow-shaft capability
  • Flat off-axis system for space-constrained applications
  • Absolute accuracy ±0.1°, repeatability 0.002°, no hysteresis
  • High speed operation up to 10000 rpm
  • Differential BiSS-C interface (update rate 28 kHz)
  • Sampling rate 18 kHz
  • Dimensions adapted to corresponding RoboDrive servo kits
Designed for use in TQ-RoboDrive ILM Servo Kits and RD Servo Motors, RD38-AKSIM encoders from TQ-RoboDrive provide accurate, high-resolution absolute position data for extremely precise and efficient control of TQ-RoboDrive servo motors. Because they use robust ASIC magnetic sensors rather than optical position sensors, readings are not susceptible to distortion arising from dust and dirt. Multi-turn cycle information is stored electronically and not updated during motion that occurs when the sensor is not supplied with power.
Thanks to the hollow-shaft magnet ring, signals, media and fluids, rays and cables may be passed through the sensor. Designed for integration into space-constrained applications, the sensor system has an axial length of less than 10 mm. RD-AKSIM encoders from TQ-RoboDrive are available in several sizes, all designed to geometrically fit corresponding TQ-RoboDrive servo kits and safety brakes and enable the design of entire actuators and joints.

General data/basic data

Singleturn resolution:
  • 131072 incs/rev (17 bit)
Multiturn Counter:
  • 65536 revs (16 bit)
Diameter sensor board:
  • 38 mm

Find a matching servo kit

This product is optimally tailored for use in the following frameless motor kits of the RoboDrive ILM-series:

ILM38x06 ILM38x12


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