RoboDrive Safety Brakes RD25-RSV20Nominal braking torque: 0.03 Nm | 0.06 Nm

Lightweight, hollow-shaft safety brakes designed for use with corresponding ILM25 servo kits from TQ-RoboDrive.

RoboDrive Sicherheitsbremsen RD25-RSV20
  • Hollow-shaft capability
  • Light-weight design
  • Low power consumption and heat dissipation
  • Fail-safe in case of power loss
  • Narrow braking torque tolerances
  • Dimensions and braking torques match corresponding RoboDrive servo kits
Designed for use in TQ-RoboDrive ILM Servo Kits and RD Servo Motors, the RD25-RSV is a spring-engaged, electromagnetic safety brake that enables the design of compact, lightweight actuators and robotic joints. The brakes stop reliably and maintain position during voltage supply failure or emergency stop events, and their hollow-shaft design enables signals, media, fluids, rays and cables to be passed through the center. The RD-RSV series is available in four sizes and two braking torques, which correspond to the nominal torque of matching ILM Servo Kits from TQ-RoboDrive.
In applications using gearheads, maximum braking torque levels have been defined to protect gears from overload. Thanks to their low power consumption and minimal heat buildup, the brakes are the perfect complement to the premium performance offered by ILM Servo Kits from TQ-RoboDrive.

General data/basic data

Nominal braking torque:
  • 0.03 Nm
  • 0.06 Nm
  • 29.2 mm
  • 12.15 mm

Find a matching servo kit

This product is optimally tailored for use in the following frameless motor kits of the RoboDrive ILM-series:

ILM25x08 ILM25x04


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