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Absolute Position Sensors RD25-AKSIM29 mm | 17 bit singleturn | 16 bit multiturn

Absolute magnetic multiturn encoders with hollow-shaft capabilities. Designed for use with matching ILM25 frameless servo kits from TQ-RoboDrive.

  • Hollow-shaft capability
  • Flat off-axis system for space-constrained applications
  • Absolute accuracy ±0.1°, repeatability 0.002°, no hysteresis
  • High speed operation up to 10000 rpm
  • Differential BiSS-C interface (update rate 28 kHz)
  • Sampling rate 18 kHz
  • Dimensions adapted to corresponding RoboDrive servo kits
RoboDrive encoders RD-AKSIM provide accurate absolute position data with high resolution to control RD servo motors very precisely and efficiently. Unlike optical position sensors the magnetic sensor ASIC of the RD-AKSIM encoders is robust against dust and dirt. The multiturn cycle information is stored electronically, but will not be updated during motion without power supply to the sensor. The hollow-shaft magnet ring allows to guide signals, media and fluids, rays and cable through the sensor.
With less than 10 mm axial length the sensor system with its off-axis reading head was designed for integration into space-constrained applications. RD-AKSIM encoders are available in various sizes and have been designed to fit geometrically to the corresponding RoboDrive servo kits and safety brakes to allow the design of entire actuators and joints.

General data/basic data

Singleturn resolution:
  • 131072 incs/rev (17 bit)
Multiturn Counter:
  • 65536 revs (16 bit)
Diameter sensor board:
  • 29 mm

Find a matching servo kit

This product is optimally tailored for use in the following frameless motor kits of the RoboDrive ILM-series:

ILM25x04 ILM25x08


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