Servo Inverter SDB-40-100 with highest dynamics and control quality100 kHz | PWM 50 kHz | 40 A | 100 V

Research and Development Platform

Highest dynamic and highest precision: servo motors with 50kHz PWM frequency, 100kHz dynamical cascaded control and 30kHz dynamical field-bus communication.

Servo Umrichter SDB
  • Phase currents (continous) up to 40 A
  • Input-voltage range 20 VDC – 100 VDC
  • Highly dynamical cascaded control (all control loops up to 100 kHz)
  • Highly dynamical field-bus communication (up to 30 kHz)
  • All common position sensors supported
  • Digital data logging (up to 100 kHz)
The SDB-40-100 servo inverter is a high-performance instrument designed for research and development projects utilizing sine-commutated, brushless CD motors (BLDCs). As such, it is an ideal tool for testing the outer performance limits of TQ-RoboDrive servo motors before moving on to practical applications.

Our SDB-40-100 is an electronic inverter to power sine-commutated brushless DC motors (BLDCs). It is rated for DC-link voltages between 20 V and 100 V and continuous phase currents up to 40 A (sine peak).

The main purpose of our SDB-40-100 is to satisfy highest requirements regarding the dynamics of electrical drive systems. This allows extremely high sampling rates of up 100 kHz for all control loops, i.e., torque/current (CST), speed (CSV), and position control (CSP). All filters and feedforward terms are available at the full-scale sampling rate of 100 kHz and can be freely parameterized by you. All such features and the control parameters can be adjusted through our dedicated graphical PC interface that is included when you purchase our SDB-40-100.
On the fieldbus level, real-time communication between a central control unit (e.g., a PLC or an IPC) and our SDB-40-100 is feasible through EtherCAT (CoE) or CANopen. For extremely high-speed applications, the EtherCAT interface provides an update rate of up to 30 kHz.
By the combination of this extremely high sampling rate and the Distributed-Clock feature, we set new standards for highly dynamical multi-axis synchronization. Our SDB-40-100 is compatible with all common position-transducer interfaces including BiSS, SinCos, TTL incremental, Hall, Endat 2.2, and Hiperface.

Our SDB-40-100 renders oscilloscope analyses obsolete during the startup process of drive systems. It provides a digital data-logging functionality (freely adjustable sampling rate up to 100 kHz) that makes all relevant control parameters digitally accessible.
With its top-notch dynamics, our SDB-40-100 is the perfect universal servo inverter for driving, for instance, the very-fast-response RoboDrive motors to master even the most demanding drive challenges with technology supplied by only one single source that is named RoboDrive.

General data/basic data

IP Degree of protection:
  • IP21

Characteristic data

DC link voltage:
  • 20 VDC - 100 VDC
Available operating modes:
  • Cyclic Synchronous Torque (CST)
  • Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP)
  • Cyclic Synchronous Velocity (CSV)
  • Homing
  • Controllable current pointer (implementation pending)
Compatible encoder systems:
  • Incremental encoder (RS422; 5 V/12 V supply)
  • Sin-Cos encoder (1 Vss)
  • BiSS (RS485)
  • Digital Hall
  • EnDat 2.2 (RS485; implementation running)
  • Hiperface DSL (RS485; implementation running)
Compatible temperature sensors:
  • PT100 (-40°C ... +250°C)
  • PT1000 (-40°C ... +250°C)
  • KTY1000 (-40°C ... +240°C)
  • NTC (-5°C ... +150°C)
Overcurrent detections:
  • Phase current (selectable range: 0 A ... 80 A)
  • DC link current (selectable range: - 75 A ... + 75 A)
Monitoring the DC link voltage:
  • Adjustable between 20 V and 100 V
Protection against excess-temperature:
  • Temperature sensor (on B6 bridge, CPU and brake chopper)
  • I²t Model

Performance characteristics

Dimensions and weight:
  • 1085 g
  • 220x140x40 [mm] (Booksize type)
Max. Peak current:
  • 70 A (Peak) for 5 sec.
Ambient temperature:
  • Regular range -20°C ... +50°C
  • Extended range +50°C ... +70°C (with throttling)
Speed controller:
  • Clock rate 100 kHz (lower adjustable)
Current/torque controller (PI controller; optimum amount):
  • Maximum bandwidth* 9 - 10 kHz
  • Clock rate 100 kHz (lower adjustable)
PWM frequency:
  • max. 50 kHz
Max. continuous display performance:
  • 3.5 kVA

Additional information

Standards & Approvals:
  • CE
  • RoHS
Supported motor types:
  • Permanently excited synchronous machines
  • EtherCAT® Max. Update-Rate: 30 kHz
  • CAN over EtherCAT® (CoE, Profil according to CiA402)
Brake chopper:
  • Chopper in the device
Reverse polarity protection (electronic):
  • DC link
  • External 24 VDC power supply
  • STO
  • Digital Input
  • RoboDrive –TorqueFACTory (via EtherCAT®)
  • Flashing Firmware Updates (FoE)
Digital Scope:
  • Digital Scope - recording time up to 10 s at 100 kHz
  • All relevant control parameters and state variables available – Recording time up to 10 s at 100 kHz
EMV and norms:
  • EN61800-3
  • EN61800-5-1
  • IEC 61800-7
  • IEC 61158
  • IEC 61784

Starterkit (1 MB, pdf)

Erste Dynamik erforschen mit dem TQ-RoboDrive Starter Kit bestehend aus dem TQ-RoboDrive Servo Umrichter und TQ-RoboDrive Servomotoren verfügbar in verschiedenen Hohl- und Vollwellen-Ausführungen.


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