Gear Motor RD85x13-HD440 W | 67 Nm | 18 rpm | 48 V

Powerful, compact RDXXxXX drives with Harmonic Drive gear actuators for high-precision, backlash-free applications in industry and robotics.

  • Hollow-shaft
  • Industry-leading torque density
  • Excellent torque density and positioning accuracy
  • Multiturn absolute encoder with high resolution
  • Very compact and lightweight design
  • Integration of hollow-shaft safety brake possible
The geared motors of the RD-HD series are high-torque and high-precision servo solutions with hollow-shaft for low-voltage applications. The technology from Harmonic Drive uniquely combines highest precision and zero backlash in a compact lightweight design. RoboDrive technology allows Harmonic Drive gears to be operated at their peak performance. Due to the outstanding dynamics of the RoboDrive motors and the very low gear elasticity and inertia it is possible to precisely control the powertrain.
This allows the geared motors RD-HD to be used successfully in robotics, handling and automation, medical and optical applications. On request other sizes and types of Harmonic Drive gears are delivered with matching motors.

General data/basic data

  • 440 W
Nominal output torque:
  • 67.0 Nm
Peak output torque:
  • 176 Nm
Output speed:
  • 18 nmax at Un [min-1]
Translation (other translations on request):
  • 1:160

Performance characteristics

Nominal voltage:
  • 48 V
Nominal current:
  • 10.8 A
Terminal resistance:
  • 220 mΩ


  • 141 mm
Motor length without brake:
  • 118.2 mm
Motor length with brake:
  • 137.8 mm
Weight without brake:
  • 3485 g
Weight brake:
  • 4000 g

Additional information

Sensor type:
  • Magnetic rotary encoder, BiSS-C differential, accuracy ± 0.1°, supply voltage Udd = 5 V
Detail specification:
  • See data sheet

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