Affordable, ready-to-use collaborative robotic solutions for your business.

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Order your FRANKA EMIKA Panda today complete with Starter App Package and Introductory Training Course at the special price of €15,700* instead of €29,500! *plus VAT

Collaborative robotics. Ready-made for your industry.

Panda from Franka Emika is an award-winning collaborative robot that is ushering in a new era of man-machine cooperation. From simple deployment and setup to intuitive training and operation, the Franka Emika Panda has been designed to enable any company to benefit from the power of collaborative robotics.

The TQ-Franka-Solution-Center Your partner for robotics solutions with Franka Emika Panda

The TQ-Franka-Solution-Center is a certified, official reseller, solution and training partner for turnkey Franka Emika Panda solutions. Located directly in the production facilities of Franka Emika, the TQ-Franka-Solution-Center offers ready-to-use robot solutions consisting of robots and peripheral hardware, applications, consulting and training from a single source. Our goal is to enable you to implement, customize and use the Panda in the way that is most efficient for your business.

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Contact us to take advantage of the Robot Ready package for only €15,700* instead of €29,500!

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Solution Packages

Solution Package 1 - Pick-and-place 

The Franka Emika standard gripper was developed for the most common pick-and-place applications and can be easily adapted to material-specific gripper pads using 3D printing. Additional pick-and-place applications can be realized with either the Franka Emika vacuum gripper or standard vacuum nozzles. The TQ-Franka-Solution-Center uses vacuum grippers for PCB inspection of its own products and a number of other tasks.

Solution Package 2 - Applications for screw connections

The TQ-Franka-Solution-Center offers an out-of-the-box solution you can use to automate screwdriving tasks easily, quickly and intuitively. This unique solution was developed in cooperation with Atlas Copco and combines the Franka Emika Panda with the innovative Atlas Copco micro torque wrench.

Solution Package 3 - Quality control

The TQ-Franka-Solution-Center is currently integrating cameras for monitoring, container picking and and other tasks. In combination with embedded systems such as the TQ Mbox Communication Gateway, Panda enables both real-time and historical quality assurance.

Quality Made in Germany

Your turnkey solution from the Franka Solution Center will be delivered complete with the Franka Emika Panda, peripheral fastening / gripping hardware, system software and tool apps from a single source.

The TQ-Franka-Solution-Center in Oberallgäu (a district in Bavaria) is the ideal partner for:

  • One-stop shop for Franka Emika Panda, including
  • Peripheral hardware, system software and tool apps
  • Professional training and consulting on-site
  • Franka live: See Panda in action in our own TQ assembly line
  • Direct factory order and certified distribution
  • Fast delivery and implementation
  • Fast ROI (less than one year)
  • 100% made in Germany
The TQ Franka Solution Center in Durach, Oberallgäu

More about the TQ-Franka-Solution-Center

About Franka Emika Panda

Panda from Franka Emika is the collaborative robot anyone can use – inexpensive, easy to set up and Made in Germany.


Hands-on training

The TQ Franka Solution Center offers a one-day workshop open to production managers, technical innovation managers and anyone responsible for streamlining production operations within a company.


Information brochure

Would you like to learn more about how your company can benefit from Franka Emika Panda ? Download the brochure about the TQ-Franka-Solution-Center.

Franka Solution Center

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