The TQ difference E-bike drive embodying perfection and efficiency

Here's what makes the TQ HPR® 120S the ideal drive for all terrains – and makes TQ the perfect development partner for your next e-bike

The TQ feeling

Every year we take a fleet of TQ test bikes to various different events. The reaction of the test drivers is invariably the same, and says it all: bright eyes and a big grin on their face. It’s easy to see that the TQ HPR® 120S takes them to a higher level – steeper, higher, farther, faster. And the thrill is irresistible.


The technology: patented and unique

An eccentric bearing, a motor developed for outer space, two interlocked gears and 150 individual pins that move in a wave pattern between them. The patented TQ harmonic pin ring transmission in combination with a high-performance electric motor produces an enormous amount of power. With its 120 Nm of torque – available constantly over the entire performance range – it is unique on the market. We make this power available to every rider, on all kinds of terrain, perfectly meterable, and guaranteed Made in Germany.


Our expectations

We are uncompromising in every way. The TQ HPR® 120S is not only bursting with power, it provides an outstanding efficiency ratio of more than 80% across the entire performance range. Its compact dimensions, maintenance-free robustness, simple installation and important convenience features such as pushing and start-up assistance along with an integrated freewheel make it the ideal all-round power pack.


The basic approach: developed in a high-tech environment

We supply complete systems as modular components. But we prefer to collaborate with our technology partners to fine customer-specific solutions that fit the personality and identity of their brand. We contribute our many years of experience and certified processes to develop projects in cooperation with our clients in the robotics, medical technology, industrial automation and aerospace industries.


Innovation & awards

The TQ HPR 120S has received numerous awards for both its innovative technology and its powerful, intelligent design.


Articles about us

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TQ as a technological partner

With roots in the aerospace industry, robotics and power electronics, TQ is your ideal technological partner for complete e-bike systems.


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