System and integration Suitable for every frame design

We can develop both standard and custom drive systems that are tailored to the character of the brand and the needs of the target audience. 

Drive system

Our e-bike motors afford plenty of freedom in terms of frame design. They are easy to install and are always a perfect fit. Thanks to their small size they are ideal for any bike design. The diameter of the motor housing is just 144 mm – smaller than a 36 chain ring.

To make the integration of the TQ HPR® 120S into the bicycle frame as easy as possible, TQ offers a specially developed integration adapter. After fitting into the frame design, the drive can be mounted with only two screws.

The electrical plug connection contains all the important cables and conveniently falls into place when the drive is inserted. The benefit for you: Complex, spring-loaded rear suspension systems, bicycles with high design demands or e-bikes with high space requirements can thus be easily fitted.

  • Maximum torque, compact size, utmost design freedom
  • Made in Germany, extremely robust
  • Efficiency > 80% across the entire performance range
  • Low maintenance, conforms with the highest industrial standards and norms
TQ-Motor als Schnittmotor


Our solutions are based on TQ standard components. Rechargeable batteries can also be designed and constructed according to customer requirements.

In addition, TQ offers battery management systems and many years of expertise in the integration of conventional batteries. A light kit for 12-V systems is available for the front and rear lights, and if necessary also for license plate and brake lights.

Both a 5A charger and a 10A quick charger are available. In addition, we can develop customized chargers.

  • TQ in-tube rechargeable battery
  • TQ cargo rechargeable battery
  • TQ customer-specific batteries
  • Highest energy density for maximum capacity
  • Seamless integration
  • Robust and industrially certified

Display & Connectivity

TQ offers a Sigma EOX® REMOTE 500 smart control unit paired with the EOX® VIEW 1200 display as standard. This system communicates with the user’s smartphone or other smart device via the EOX® App.

With ergonomic design, ambient light sensor and Bluetooth Smart integration, the EOX® REMOTE 500 is a unique product in its class. The LED indicator makes all e-bike information visible even without a display.

The EOX® VIEW 1200 attracts with clean lines and a flat design. The sensor-controlled backlight and the hi-resolution display show all data clearly in all weather conditions and in any riding situation.


Power electronics and sensors

The highly efficient power electronics are optimally protected in the motor housing and fit the requirements of the system perfectly. In addition, all components communicate via CAN bus by means of robust connector systems and the cable harness. Our power electronics are designed to be thermally very stable, efficient and highly reliable even in extreme situations and high ambient temperatures.

Depending on the homologation, the vehicle requires different components and thus also the corresponding wiring harness. TQ offers a selection of pre-assembled cable harnesses with different connections. Depending on the vehicle’s area of application, you can choose between different versions.

The speed sensor on the rear wheel provides the system with precise information on the current speed. A torque sensor determines how hard the driver is pushing the pedals. It is located on the bottom bracket shaft in the drive housing and precisely regulates the required motor support.

Power electronics and sensors

Additional features

Circuit compatibility

The motor is compatible with all common derailleur gears, hub gears and belt drives; the same applies to the front derailleur. Due to the extremely high torque of the TQ HPR® 120S, a circuit can even be completely dispensed with, depending on the application. Brake deactivation: A brake switch-off can be integrated into the system, which makes it possible to switch off the drive immediately when the brake is applied.

The Flyon series from Haibike and the M1 Evolution

Tight integration, ground-breaking innovation

We collaborate closely with leading, innovative bicycle manufacturers to develop complete drive systems that set new standards, like the new FLYON series from Haibike and the Spitzing Evolution from M1 Sporttechnik. Both new models were introduced at the 2018 Eurobike trade fair – our drive system precisely matches the personality and characteristics of the two brands.

TQ HPR® 120S - Lots of power in a little space

The secret behind this powerful little motor is the combination of a patented TQ harmonic pin ring drive combined with an electric motor specially developed for E-bikes. Another unique aspect: With torque of 120 newton meters, the TQ HPR® 120S is in a class all its own. And with a diameter of just 144 millimeters it’s small enough to be easily built into to any bike.


TQ as a technological partner

With roots in the aerospace industry, robotics and power electronics, TQ is your ideal technological partner for complete e-bike systems.


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