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The topic of e-bikes is totally in vogue. However, both avid e-bikers and newbies often don't know as much about handling, motor concepts, maintenance, etc. as they would like or need to. Our video series clears up exactly that.

We compress our concentrated TQ expert knowledge and explain everything you need to know about e-bikes in an easy-to-understand way.

Have fun exploring the world of e-bikes. We hope that you will be as enthusiastic about it as we are.

Mid-engine vs. wheel hub motor

What is the difference in riding experience, handling and, of course, fun, when choosing between the mid and hub motor? Let Product Manager at TQ-E-Mobility, Daniel Theil, help you make the right choice between the two motors for your individual needs.

E-bike vs. pedelec vs. s-pedelec

Three terms, same meaning? Quite the opposite! The concepts differ heavily, especially in their use for you as a biker. In the following video, Roman Stützer, Head of Service at TQ-E-Mobility, explains the main differences.

How to properly care for your e-bike

You finally have an e-bike, but now you don’t know how to properly take care of it? Is it the same as you non electric bike? Let our Key Account Manager and E-Bike expert, Felix Heine introduce you to the Do’s & Dont’s of e-bike care and maintenance.

Do you really need an engine with 120Nm?

We asked our E-Mobility Product Manager, Daniel Theil, this question. Well, it depends on the application and concept. Watch this video to find out in which case one can benefit from our powerful engine.

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Everything important about the daily use of e-bikes

Within this short video, Daniel Theil, avid mountain biker and Product Manager for TQ-E-Mobility, makes sure you know everything you need to know about range, maintenance, ride mode much more when it comes to using and riding e-bikes.

Everything important about e-bike batteries

The battery is an important part of an e-bike. And there is a lot you should know about it. Did you know, that you should charge the battery every two month during the winter? This and much more like durability of the battery, advantages of different kinds of integration and removable batteries is explained by Felix Heine in our latest video. Give it a look!

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3 tips for buying an e-bike

Buying an e-bike is a big investment. Let’s be real - e-bikes are not cheap! To make sure that you end up with a bike which you’re going to love, we are sharing our best tips with you. TQ’s own Roman Stützer has three fundamental questions you should also ask yourself before storming into your favorite bike shop.

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What to watch out for with e-bike brakes

Good brakes are a crucial safety factor. Especially with E-Bikes, which are a bit faster and heavier than bikes without motor. But what does “good brakes” mean? What’s the standard and what else is worth considering? Watch our new video with Product Manager Daniel Theil to find out more.

What's so special about TQ's e-bike motor?

Looking at e-bike drive systems, they all might seem very similar. But if you look closer, there is more to it that makes TQ motors very different from the rest of the drive systems. But what is it actually? That’s what you’re going to find out in this new video with Daniel Theil.

Good service for sustainable & lasting riding pleasure

We are happy about everyone who rides e-bikes with our drive. But a long-term cooperation with bikers, dealers and bike manufacturers is especially important to us. One condition to achieve this goal is good service. For this very reason, our service manager Roman will give you a short introduction to this area of TQ.

Experience is the key – but which one?

Are e-bikes or even our TQ drive system newcomers? We don’t think so! Do you want to know where our extensive expertise of e-motors come from? Which areas do we tap into when it comes to innovations? Find out by watching this video.

What does sustainability mean to us?

We work in the sustainability area by default since we are actively working on the e-mobility solutions of the future. However, this topic is essential to us and therefore working in a sustainable field is not enough. What else are we doing in order to stay as sustainable as possible? You can find all the answers in this video with TQ-E-Mobility Division Manager Simon Hoffmann.

Derailleur vs. hub gear

E-bikes are mounted with both types of gearing. Which one is better for you, depends really on the way you use your e-bike. Derailleurs are a better fit for e-mountain bikes. But why? Product Manager Daniel Theil will tell you which advantages and disadvantages the two systems have and where their main field of application lies.

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