E-Cargo The load-transporting bike with enhanced efficiency

Nowadays, bicycles are the first choice of vehicle for many different uses: transporting children and purchases around town, delivering merchandise and meals, and transporting heavier objects. With TQ drive systems, many daily tasks and chores can be carried out faster and much more easily – especially with the help of cargo bikes.

Lastenrad mit TQ Motor für Schwertransport

E-cargo bikes for commercial use

The TQ HPR® 120S was developed for continuous use in an industrial environment and easily masters tasks requiring extreme power and performance. Thanks to its particularly robust components, it is ideal for transporting heavy loads. This is where the high torque (120Nm) and outstanding transfer of power of the patented pin ring transmission are especially advantageous. Naturally, the software is also designed for cargo purposes – for example, it’s easy to start moving even when the bike is carrying very heavy loads.

E-Cargobike für die Familie

E-cargo bikes for families

Whether for daily shopping trips, bringing the kids to kindergarten or spending a day at the lake, the TQ HPR® 120S offers more than enough torque and power to transport an entire load from A to B with ease. It provides a unique, environmentally friendly driving experience.

Ideal for the Last Mile

The compact and powerful TQ HPR 120S boasts a payload of up to 500 kilograms and can climb inclines of up to 15%. An unmatched 120 Nm of constant torque allows riders to start, accelerate and cruise effortlessly, while efficiency upwards of 80% guarantees great range. No doubt about it: the TQ HPR 120S is the ideal drive for last mile vehicles in tight urban quarters.

Velotaxis and more…

More and more urban communities are turning to velotaxis to ensure flexible and sustainable passenger transport. For fleet operators, longevity and robustness, the ability to integrate with various battery systems and sizes and enough power to keep drivers’ legs fresh are crucial. Der TQ HPR® 120S delivers on all counts.

Here’s how powerful the TQ HPR® 120S is

With its available torque of 120 Newton meters and TQ’s patented harmonic pin ring transmission, the TQ HPR® 120S can handle any load – as demonstrated here by its inventor Toni Rossberger...

The TQ HPR® 120S at a glance

Technical specifications

The TQ HPR® 120S is robust, requires little to no maintenance and can be easily installed in any bike frame. Whether it’s a two-wheeler, tricycle or multi-track vehicle, the IP65 protection class ensures that the TQ drive can withstand the most diverse weather conditions.

  • Wattage: 250W - 920W
  • Maximum motor support: Up to 45 km/h
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Maintenance interval: No maintenance required
  • Applications: Transport cycles, cargo bikea, velo-taxia and more
  • Suitable for: Two-wheelers, tricycles or multi-track vehicles
  • Installation: By means of two screws and a central plug for the entire electronics
  • Maximum load: up to 850 kg

Further fields of application


TQ HPR® 120S opens up completely new possibilities on steep tracks and in technical terrain.



Daily exercise, no traffic jams and fast mobility. The TQ HPR® 120S is the future of commuting.


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