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Energy monitoring and consumption profile at a glance

With our TQ Automation products, we make it possible for you to monitor and document your entire electricity usage. The data enables you to carry out on-going optimization and save a lot of energy easily by employing targeted energy management measures.

The Energy Manager: Metering technology, data archive, IT and automation – all in one

The ideal combination of the Smart Meter function with integrated memory, web server and LAN / WLAN interface makes TQ Automation ideal for collecting and analyzing data precisely, and also includes a long-term archive. It is easy to integrate into the existing IT infrastructure and can be installed conveniently in the control cabinet or distribution cabinet.

Built-in functions that can be switched on and off ensure a high degree of automation for data transmission. Modbus TCP or RTU allow fast integration of the device into other software applications.

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Here is how it works:

The TQ Automation Energy Manager is a four-quadrant meter with built-in processor and high connectivity, that also features two gigabytes of internal storage capacity. 

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Space-saving installation

Thanks to its unique, compact design, the Energy Manager can be quickly and easily integrated into existing control cabinets. It is supplemented by single-phase sensor technology, the sensor bars, that enable you to realize up to 96 measuring points per Energy Manager.

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Clear and intuitive visualization

For currents above 63 amps, the current consumption can also be recorded and visualized using external transformers.

With the B-Studio software you can easily visualize your measurement data on any end device. In real time you can see exactly what consumption is taking place at the individual measuring points – that means: complete control.

The data is also archived centrally via the corresponding software 


4-quadrant meter. Monitor, document, automate.


Sensor bars

Modular sensor technology for the construction of measuring systems.


Load management

Seamless overview of energy consumption and monitoring of load peaks.