Energy Manager

Energy supply optimization - All essential data at a glance

Key functionalities

  • Fully-integrated Smart Meter*
  • Query interval for measured values: < 1s
  • 3-phase active and reactive power measurement
  • Reference and infeed measured as a balancing or non-balancing meter
  • Direct connection to 63 A respectively via an external instrument transformer
  • Top-hat rail installation (4TE)
  • Use: Web interface and app for iOS and Android

* Not approved to calculate billing-related data


Energy Manager: Energy supply optimization - All essential data at a glance


The Energy Manager is a highly flexible OEM product for measuring and visualizing the electricity used or generated in households and buildings. It can be configured individually by the user. Its modular design means that both the hardware and the software are customizable.


The standard model stores and processes the measured data directly on resp. through its on-board components. The electricity used or generated can be visualized on terminal devices which the customer will probably already have at hand such as smartphones, tablets, Smart-TV sets or PC. For external processing of the data, automatic data export functionality (FTP or e-mail) are available. OEM customers can also decide to connect to a web portal (web cloud or intranet).


The standard design offers a LAN, Wi-Fi or RS485 interface for data transfer. OEM customers have available 3 designs of the Energy Manager to choose from: LAN; LAN and RS485 or Wi-Fi; LAN, Wi-Fi and RS485.


For current measurement on separate circuits, the RS485 interface allows to connect up to 8 external ABB current sensors; if using an external power pack, you can increase their number up to 24 resp. 32 ABB. OEM customers can order sensors from different manufactures as well.


* Not approved to calculate billing-related data


Processor Data

ARM9 processor 450 MHz
DDR2 RAM 128 MByte
eMMC Flash 4 GByte (2GB for permanent data storage)

Operating System

Embedded Linux with integrated TCP/IP stack
and SQL-database

Interface (standard)

LAN (10/100 Mbit)
WLAN (802.11gn)

RS 485 (maximum 115200 baud) with an integrated Modbus protocol

or for up to 8 ABB current measuring sensors (20A each),

no galvanic seperation

Product Standards

EN 61010

EN 50428

EN 60950

Voltage and current inputs

Rated voltage:                                      230/400~

Operating voltage:                                 230V~ +/- 10%

Frequency:                                           50 Hz +/- 5%

                                                          110 V and 60 Hz on request

Intrinsic Consumption

Voltage path:< 0,01 VA each phase

Current path:

Complete device:

< 2 VA each Phase

< 5 W by non-activated WLAN, 8,5 W

by activated WLAN and connected to 8 ABB-cms-sensors


Current:Nominal current 5 A
Limit current 63 A
Starting current:< 25 mA
Connection cross section:10-25 mm²
Required torque for screw-type contact:2,0 Nm


Measuring Precision                          

Voltage:+/- 1,0%
Current:+/- 1,0% + 20mA

Effective power:

Apparent power:

Reactive power:

+/- 1,0% + 5 W

+/- 1,0% + 7,5 VA

+/- 1,0% + 7,5 var

Power factor:+/- 1,0% (except idle mode)
Typical accuracy:

Each +/- 0,5% at an ambient temperature

of 25°C and 5 A nominal current


Mechanical Data                                 

Housing material:Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide
Glow-wire test:According to IEC 695-2-1
Class of protection:II
Degree of protection:IP2X
Weight:0,25 kg
Size:88x70x65 mm


Operating Conditions                         

Ambient temperature:-25°C...+45°C
Storage temperature:-25°C...+70°C
Relative humidity:

Up to 75% on an annual average,

up to 95% on up to 30 days per year


Electromechanical compatibility (EMC)

ESD (IEC 61000-4-2)4 kV contact discharge
8 kV atmospheric discharge
RF interference (IEC 61000-4-3)3 Vm
Burst (IEC 61000-4-4)Mains: +/- 4 kV
Ethernet: +/- 2 kV
Surge (IEC 61000-4-5)

Phase-phase: 1 kV

Phase-ground: 2 kV
Ethernet: 2 kV

Line-conducted interference (IEC 61000-4-6)150 kHz-80 MHz
3 V (effective value)
RF emission (EN55022)Class B

Connection diagram

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BSP Version 0105 with IPU, VPU and GPU Support


Version with Kernel 3.12


CAN, RS485, audio & minor improvements / bugfixes

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