Embedded module TQMLS1012AL - with Layerscape LS1012A

ARM Cortex™-A53 module with LS1012A from NXP.

Key functionalities

  • Extended temperature range

  • High-Speed communication via 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x PCle, 1x USB 3.0 and 1x SATA 3.0 interface

  • Low power consumption (typ. 1-2 W)

  • QorIQ Trust Architecture and ARM TrustZone

  • Packet Acceleration Engine

Embedded module TQMLS1012AL: ARM Cortex™-A53 module with LS1012A from NXP.


The Minimodule TQMLS1012AL, based on the processor LS1012A from NXP, combines the 64Bit ARM Core architecture with the QorIQ high speed communication technology. This module is for various applications

such as networking, industrial automation, gateways and controls with requirements for trusted, fast and secure data processing.

The 800MHz ARM Cortex™ A53 core integrated with high-speed peripherals and hardware acceleration provide the TQMLS1012AL a balance of high performance and low power.






Ordering information

Ordering information

TQMLS1012AL-AA (Prototypes Q4/17)

TQMLS1012A, Cortex A53 / 800 MHz, 64 MB Q-SPI NOR Flash,

256 MB DDR3L, 64kB EEPROM, -40°C …+85°C



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CPU frequency: Up to 1,0 GHz
Microprocessor: QorIQ LS1012A (ARM Cortex™-A53)


ECC Protection: Yes (only LS1020A, LS1021A)
EEPROM: 0 / 64 kbit
NOR-Flash: Up to 1 QSPI

System interfaces

CAN: Up to 4x FlexCAN
Ethernet: Up to 2x 10/100/1000 Mbit (IEEE 1588)
I²C: Up to 2x
SATA: Up to 1x SATA 3.0
SPI: Up to 1x
SSI / I²S: Up to 5x
UART: Up to 2x
USB: 1x USB 2.0 high speed w/ULPI
1x USB 3.0 high speed w/PHY

Other interfaces & busses

Debugging: CPU JTAG interface
PCIe: Up to 1x


Dimensions: 31mm x 31mm (TBD)
Pin number: 155
Plug system: LGA (Land Grid Array)
Power management: Extended power management (optional)
RoHS: Yes
RTC: Yes
Power supply: 5 V
Voltage monitoring (optional)
Temperature range, extended: -40°C ... +85°C
Temperature sensor: Yes
Availability: Prototype

Operating systems / User interfaces

Operating systems: Linux
Operating systems on request: QNX, INTEGRITY

Starter kits

Starterkit STKLS102x

Starterkit STKLS102x
Starterkit for TQMLS102xA

Key functionalities

  • 3x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit (IEEE 1588)
  • 4x FlexCAN
  • 1x USB 2.0 High-Speed OTG Interface
  • 1x USB 3.0 High-Speed Host Interface
  • 6x UART






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Product information

Board-to-Board Connector download centre at TE Connectivity

Specification for the Board-to-Board connector that is used for the TQ Minimodules in 0.8mm pitch for highest reliability, longevity and robustness. 

> Please select "search by document number"

> Please enter the following document number: 108-5390

(download_linkto_teconnectivity.html, 323 Byte, 21.10.2011)

Datasheet TQMLS1012A

Product informationen for the embedded module TQMLS1012A based on ARM® core Architecture and QorIQ® high speed communication technology.

(Datasheet_TQMLS1012A_en_Rev.101_Web_04.pdf, 249 KByte, 16.03.2017)


User's Manual MBLS102xA

User's manual for the Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7 mainboard MBLS102xA.

(MBLS102xA.UM.0100_01.pdf, 2.4 MByte, 26.08.2016)


Linux BSP Rev.0102 for TQMLS102xA

Source code and pre-compiled images with support for the following versions / platforms:

U-Boot Linux PTXdist OSELAS Toolchain
MBLS102xA v2016.05 4.4 2016.04 2013.12.2

MD5SUM = 1F6BB7DC98E2E10AEB5C528382187971

(, 152 MByte, 30.11.2016)

Linux BSP Rev.0100 for TQMLS102xA

Source code and pre-compiled images with support for the following versions / platforms:

U-Boot Linux PTXdist OSELAS Toolchain
MBLS102xA v2016.05 4.4 2015.05 2013.12.2

MD5SUM = FA1BDF3A2E42725709DD6F6A61323D7F

(, 146 MByte, 25.05.2016)

Software archive

Linux BSP Rev.0005 for TQMLS102xA

Source code and pre-compiled images with support for the following versions / platforms:




OSELAS Toolchain







MD5SUM = 8F8D58F445107A031883ACB222C9875C




(, 143 MByte, 19.04.2016)

Linux BSP Rev.0004 for TQMLS102xA

Source code and pre-compiled images with support for the following versions / platforms:




OSELAS Toolchain







MD5SUM = B8361BCA27933080939CFF98120EE204




(, 92 MByte, 24.09.2015)



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Extended benefits


At TQ you not only get first-class embedded systems - we also provide a series of benefits around the embedded module:

We support you in defining your requirements for your project. The technical specification serves as guideline for all persons that are involved in the development process.  

For a fast and easy starting-up we provide starter kits. Through the plug-and-play principle, the software evaluation can be started, if the actual target hardware is not yet available. Due to this a product can be launched faster, reasonably priced and more safely.

We support you concerning the selection of components as well as Obsolescence management. Thus your products are protected against obsolete components, complex redesigns, doubtful sources and cost-intensive brokerwares. 

If desired we arrange a circuit diagram review for your baseboard directly by the developer of the module. Due to the longtime experience of our developers, it happens quite often that entrapments are indentified in the course of the review.

Supply of Software, especially Board Support Packages and hardware-close driver for the required operating system. Therefore you shorten your development time and reduce your costs.

Starting-up of your baseboard. In case that the starting-up of your baseboard with our module does not work at once, we support you by a structural fault analysis in order to quickly find the reason and repair it.   

We provide you with reference notes to power-on's e.g. power-on of a CAN controller to the local bus, as well as with application notes.

Our Field Application Engineers are pleased to assist you with words and deeds before, during and after your design phase.

As system service provider TQ is able to take over the development, production and test of your baseboard. Therefore you get the whole tested unit from one hand. 

Please just ask us. We are pleased to consult you!  

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Support news


BSP Version 0105 with IPU, VPU and GPU Support


Version with Kernel 3.12


CAN, RS485, audio & minor improvements / bugfixes

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