• Modular and scalable
    Modular and scalable
  • Smallest dimensions
    Smallest dimensions
  • Robust construction
    Robust construction

Embedded PC building blocks x86


COM Express based system platform for modular Embedded PC applications (Mini ITX)

COMSys - x86 Embedded Buidling Blocks

Suitable for:
  • Individual Embedded systems (Integration in devices / equipments)
  • Embedded PCs
  • Industrial PCs / BoxPCs
  • Panel-PCs
  • Display systems / Digital Signage
Embedded PC - as easy as a standard PC

Key functionalities

  • Modular concept
  • Scalable (from Intel®Atom bis  Intel®Core i7)
  • Space-saving through slim profile 
  • Optimal thermal connection and simple system integration
  • Mainly passive cooling
  • Flexible extendibility
  • Embedded features (Watchdog, CMOS backup)
  • Long-term availability
  • High level of functional reliability and durability (24/7)
  • High quality "Made in Germany"
  • Realisation of hardware kits, Box-PCs and Panel-PCs/HMI
Based on COM Express Compact (Type 6), COM Express Basic (Type 6), COM Express Mini (Type 10) and COM Express Compact/Basic (Type 2).
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MSys Platform

MSys Platform
Modular Embedded PC’s with Intel® Atom™ E3800

Key functionalities

  • Based on Intel® Atom™ E3800 series (Bay Trail-I)
  • Up to 8 GB DDR3L with ECC
  • Optimized for ultra low power
  • Extended temperature range (option)
  • High-Speed IO like 2x Gb ETH, 2x USB (3.0/2.0)
  • 2x Mini DisplayPort to connect two monitors (DP, HDMI, DVI, VGA)
  • Reach featured uEFI BIOS with easy-config, multi-setup and touch support
  • TPM 1.2 / 2.0 (option)
  • “Green ECO-Off” (minimum of S5 standby power)
  • Watchdog und thermal management
  • Highest reliability, 24/7 certified
  • Very robust design
  • Long-term availability
  • Could also be used as an embedded alternative to Intel® NUC standard boards (eNUC)
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Modular Embedded PC’s with Intel® Atom™ E3800

Key Features

  • Based on Intel® Atom™ E3800  („BayTrail“)
  • Optimized for ultra low power
  • Extended temperature
  • High speed interfaces like
    Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and eSATAp
  • DisplayPort and LVDS
  • Extendable with 2x Mini PCIe incl. SIM Card socket
  • Onboard eMMC and mSATA socket
  • Integrated security features
  • Audio with integrated amplifier
  • Ultra compact design (10cm x 10 cm x 2,3 cm)
  • Longevity support
  • Also usable as embedded alternative for Intel® NUC Standard boards (eNUC)
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BSP Version 0105 with IPU, VPU and GPU Support


Version with Kernel 3.12


CAN, RS485, audio & minor improvements / bugfixes

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