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    TQ gets involved

Memberships and external activities

FED – Professional association for design, printed circuit manufacturing and component manufacturing

TQ is a member of the registered professional association for design, printed circuit manufacturing and component manufacturing (FED). TQ provides a FED board member (Patrick von Unold). 

The FED is the partner for any establishment which develops and produces electronics, including the entire value added process from the circuit design, to the printed circuit design, to the finished electronic system.

German Aerospace Industries Association (Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V. – BDLI)

TQ joined the German Aerospace Industries Association (Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V. – BDLI) in August 2014. The association with more than 215 members represents the interests of an industrial sector, which owing to international technology leadership and worldwide success has become a significant driver of economic growth in Germany. 

Communication with political institutions, authorities, associations and foreign representations in Germany is a major task of the BDLI, as well as a variety of services in Germany and abroad for its members.

COG - Component Obsolescence Group

TQ joined the Obsolescence Management Group Germany (COG) to promote the exchanging of experiences with other obsolescence experts.

The Component Obsolescence Group was founded in Great Britain in 1997, and serves as a platform where experts from the industry can meet and exchange information on obsolescence. Data can also be passed on and, links to available information established using modern search methods. Members are always individual workshops of companies which supply components or use them as OEMs.

EtherCAT Technology Group

Die EtherCAT Technology Group is the international forum in which key user companies from various industries and leading automation suppliers join forces to support, promote and advance the EtherCAT technology. TQ has joined the organization in 2014.

Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL)

TQ has joined the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) in 2017. OSADL aims to promote and support the development of Open Source software for the automation industry.

gfw – Association for the promotion of economic and employment development in the Starnberg district

TQ undertakes regional commitments as part of its membership at the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschafts- und Beschäftigungsentwicklung im Landkreis Starnberg mbH (gfw).

The gfw Starnberg is the point of contact in all economic and site-relevant issues in the district of Starnberg. As a co-ordination centre and interface between companies, administration, politics and citizens, it is the first port of call for solving problems under one roof.

Hochschule Dual – dual study program with a more in-depth practical component at TQ

TQ participates in the Hochschule Dual initiative, and joins forces with the University of Munich to offer a course in electrical engineering and information technology with a more in-depth practical component.

University of Cooperative Education Glauchau - practice partnership

TQ is practice partner of the University of Cooperative Education Berufsakademie Glauchau, offering students internships and supporting final papers in the computer engineering programme.

Techniker Kooperationsverein München e. V.

Through its membership in Techniker Kooperationsverein München e. V., TQ supports the Municipal Technicians School of Munich, in particular the school of electrical engineering. Each year on Enterprise Day, TQ introduces itself to the students at the Technicians School at Bergsonstrasse 109 in Munich.

Förderverein Realschule Herrsching e. V.

TQ is in close contact with schools in the commuting areas by the company's locations. Students regularly have the opportunity to get to know TQ and its variety of vocational training options, for example at school recruiting fairs, through visits during school trips, and through practical work placements. TQ's membership in the "Förderverein der Realschule Herrsching e. V." supports these activities in the Starnberg region. 

Family Pact of the Bavarian state government

TQ is advocating work-life balance, something expressed by its membership in Familienpakt Bayern. Familienpakt Bayern is an initiative of the Bavarian state government that provides companies with the chance to use the network spread throughout Bavaria as a platform for exchange, information and networking.

SOS Children’s Village - Sponsorships

TQ sponsors several children at SOS Children’s Villages, and also supports the Ammersee-Lech SOS Children’s Village in Dießen, Germany.

The Health Technology Cluster

The Health Technology Cluster is a network, spanning a number of business sectors, for strengthening the innovative capacity and international competitiveness of companies in medical technology. TQ-Systems Durach is an active member since 2009.

Network for medical and pharma

TQ-Systems Durach is an active member of the Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., a cooperation forum focussing the promotion of medical technology in Bavaria. Medtech Pharma is the largest healthcare network in Germany and Europe.



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