• TQ in Aerospace
    TQ in Aerospace



TQ enables your electronics to fly



TQ-Systems is certified to aerospace standard EN 9100:2009.


We provide you with:

  • End-to-end traceability in development and production
  • Obsolescence management and PCN-/ EOL service
  • Transparent configuration management with long-term archiving
  • Invoicing and payment in US dollars
  • First Article Inspection Report (FAI), Final Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Global procurement network of aviation-certified suppliers


Download the TQ Aviation Flyer:

All information and details about TQ and aerospace can be found in our flyer "Get ready for take off"



Some of the applications in which TQ products are employed include: Exterior lighting | cabin lighting | baggage management | freight management | supplemental air conditioning systems | temperature control for food and beverages | engine controls | and much more.


As an aviation customer, your particular requirements are handled by a team which specializes in the specific requirements of your industry. This team covers all areas ranging from sales and marketing through technical purchasing up to production. You have access to longtime experienced developers when developing your hardware and software. You can rely on our expertise which has already been incorporated into a wide variety of different development and production project.

TQ Aviation Team: 

  • Managing compliance with aviation-specific specialized processes
  • Flexible and customized logistical processes such as consignment warehouses, EDI, etc.
  • More than ten years experience in serving aviation customers
  • High level of technical expertise
  • Service on site / maintaining the same contact partner
  • Working collaboratively
  • Project team structure



  • Traceability at the material level
    manufacturer, supplier, lot
  • COC, test certificate, FAI
  • Purchasing to the EN9100 standard
    Requirements are passed on to suppliers (e.g., agreement on documentation such as production data, traceability, storage of documentation, supplier assessment, audits)
  • Obsolescence management / PCN / EOL




General aviation standards

  • DO-178B (Software DAL C-E)
  • DO-254 (Hardware, Systems)
  • DO-160
  • ARINC (e.g. 625, 628, 485)
  • FAR e.g., Part 25 (Airworthiness Standards)

Airbus specific standards

  • ABD 0100 (Equipment Design Requirements)
  • ABD 0031 (Fireworthiness Requirements)
  • AP 1500 (GREDS) (General Requirements for Engineering Design Supplier)
  • AP 1013 (GRESS) (General Requirements for Equipment and Systems Supplier)

Boeing specific standards

  • D6-36440 (Cabin System Requirements)
  • D6-44588 (Electronic Requirements Transport Airplanes)
  • D6-16050-4 (Electromagnetic Interference Requirements)



  • Painting, encapsulation / embedding, adhesive bonding of components 
    (Humiseal UV40LV, 1B73 / Peters 1309, 1308, Dow Corning RTV3140, Silisol, Araldite, Körapox)
  • Modification and repair of electronic assemblies to the IPC 7721 standard
  • Highly skilled aviaton teams / specialized processes 
    (ESA certificates to the ECSS-Q-ST-70-08C standard)
  • Traceability on the material and process level
  • Delegated incoming inspection 

Laminar flow box class 6 / 1.000 


Clean room tent class 7 / 10.000

Clean room tent class 8.3 / 100.000


Reliable performance testing:

  • HALT / HASS / HASA test system Qualmark Typhoon 3.0
  • Automated performance testing based on specific ATPs




Repair Shop:

  • Customized in-house repair shop for equipment and assemblies which were permanently installed or failed on the build line
  • „Subcontracted repair shop” for Airbus / EN9110
  • Failure reporting as agreed also possible within the customer’s system (e.g., SAP)

Development and production of test boxes

  • Manual test boxes supporting the development of a device (ARINC, simulation of aircraft’s remote terminal)
  • Automated test boxes (ATE – automatic test equipment) used in series production, e.g., for airliner repair shops and in compliance with specified acceptance test procedures (ATP)


In mid of June 2016 TQ acquired the radio equipment division of Dittel Avionik. based in Landsberg am Lech, Germany. TQ and Dittel Avionik are a very good fit, because when it comes to technology and quality both companies maintain very high standards.

Read more about the TQ-Avioncis products: www.tq-avionics.com/en 

Power supply for Inflight Entertainment Systems, Notebooks, etc.

  • Seat Power Modules
  • Cabin Power Modules


Passenger Service Unit for various aircraft types

  • Passenger reading lamp controls for

         - Halogen lights

         - LED lights

         - LCD displays


Freight loading systems

  • Drive control
  • Communication modules
  • Door control
  • Control module



  • Control units to maintain food temperature 


Engine control

  • Control modules for diverse military applications and engines employed in civil aviation


Satellite technology

  • Power supply units and waveguide switches for in-orbit applications