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    TQ children's house (child care)
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TQ assumes responsibility

The companies of the TQ Group affirm their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a part of their global business activities. We have signed the "ZVEI's Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility" (CoC). The CoC acts as a guideline in the industry, espacially regarding working conditions, social and environmental compatibility, transparency, collaboration and dialog that is marked by trust.

Download: ZVEI's Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility

QM Letter of Commitment

As a technology service provider and system supplier we deliver challenging electronic and mechanization systems in the domain of industrial electronics, energy and medicine technology, aerospace, navigation, train and automotive technology. Only by delivering top quality we can meet the requirements of our customers and protect the life of humans and the environment.

Therefore, Quality is the core of our success in the TQ-Group and a substantial component of our company directives.

For us, quality goes beyond the proper functioning, safety, reliability, long life and fault-free conditions of a product or a service. Top quality is only achieved by qualitative-capable processes in all domains of the company. Connectivity, deadline compliance, future warranty, sustainability, environmental protection and work safety as well as the compliance with the relevant standards and regulations has the same essential role as the quality of the end product. We therefore follow a zero-error strategy and aim at avoiding errors instead of remedying them. Only by the testing at the end of a production process errors can be detected. Quality-capable processes in turn impede that these are originated. Therefore we focus on a systematic quality planning, the design of quality-capable processes with the continuous process and quality monitoring, as well as a rapid and efficient quality control loop in all stages of the product development and in all areas of our company. 

All manufacturing processes as well as the quality of our performance are decisively shaped by our employees. Motivated, autonomously acting, competent and enthusiastic employees and content customers are the core factors of our company. All our employees are systematically trained according to their qualification and suitability patterns and on the basis of the current and future requirements, and permanently updated both inside and outside the company. The training and development results are systematically valuated and tested.

Our integrated quality management system is at the heart of all processes in all our company divisions. This includes the standards  ISO 9001:2008, EN 9100:2009 and EN 9110:2010 (Aerospace), ISO 13485:2012 as well as the MDD directive 93/42/EWG (Medicine products), ISO/TS 16949:2009 (Automotive), ISO 14001:2009 (Environment management) and OHRIS (Safety at work management). Our quality management team provides the practical design tool as a basis for the definition, documentation, conversion, monitoring and constant improvement of all processes within the TQ-Group. Not only the quality requirements are envisaged, but also the requirements in the domain of safety at work, environment protection, sustainability, feasibility and customer satisfaction.

Our quality management system is supported and experimented by all our employees. The quality and environmental awareness of all employees is promoted by the superiors and by continuous quality management training. New-comers are extensively trained and instructed in our quality management system. The relevant quality and environmental standards are provided during the training and put into practice. Each employee is personally bound to adhere to the applicable standards for quality, environmental protection and safety at work, and to implement the same during his day-to-day work, by drawing up a quality management letter of commitment.

We stand for friendliness, commitment, sustainability, future warranty and top quality technology. 

Protecting the environment and energy efficiency are part of our company DNA and integrated management system. They play an important role in assuring our future as well as the future of our children. For this reason, we believe we have a special duty to environmental protection and consistently direct our company actions to avoid environmental pollution and to protect resources. 

We consider our actions to be governed by thoughts of recycling management. These start with judicious handling of natural resources, the development of products that do not pollute the environment, continuous improvement of the environmental performance and energy efficiency of buildings and production equipment, and extend to the sustainable handling of waste in the sense of ideas about reusable material and recycling.

To effectively implement the approach described, we work closely with our clients, suppliers and other interested parties, we regularly determine relevant environmental aspects and their effects and we regularly update our energy planning. By assessing the requirements and results, we derive suitable goals and actions to improve environmental and energy performance.

We monitor our integrated management system with regard to the environment and energy using regular audits and reviews. This is how we ensure compliance with the prevailing obligations.

With continuous training courses and further education, we integrate all employees actively into the world of protecting the environment and resources and we support implementation in our day-to-day business.

Detailed data on environmental and energy performance are not published externally. Please contact us, if you have questions on this topic.

TÜV Süd has confirmed our high environmental claim: TQ has been certified according to the ISO 14001 environment standard since 2002. In addition, TQ participates in the Bavarian Environmental Pact (Umweltpakt Bayern) for sustained growth with protection of the environment and the climate.


Below you can get a minor overview of the voluntary involvement of TQ, beyond the scope of its actual operating business activity. 

  • Job offers and job security locally
  • Healthy growth by its own means; economic independence
  • Consistent risk management system
  • High level of transparency and safety
  • Pleasant, friendly working environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Optimum health protection
  • Respect, appreciation
  • Guaranteed sufficient work–life balance (e.g. “partner months” for fathers during parental leave)
  • Occupational training, internships and dual tertiary education
  • Employer-financed pension provision by means of TQ’s own pension scheme
  • Option of occupational pension provision by means of deferred compensation
  • TQ children's home
  • Obligation on suppliers to comply with high environmental, health and social standards, especially in low-wage countries (e.g. in the Far East), verification by audits locally
  • Please find in the following TQ's statement regarding the mining of rare metals and minerals in the Congo: TQ-Group Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

TQ launched the TQ Children’s Home Hirschkäfer in September 2009. The day care center in Seefeld/Delling offers a creche and kindergarten to the children of the TQ employees as well as to the children from the surrounding municipalities.  

The essential objectives of the TQ Children’s Home Hirschkäfer are:

  • to communicate joy in nature, plants, animals, movement and music,
  • to promote a varied and manifold development for the children,
  • to provide a natural, healthy and balanced nutrition and
  • to interact with respect with the children.

Seven teachers and childcare workers look after 40 children in two groups. They moved to a bright new building on a piece of land which measures 8000 m2 and is close to nature.

You can find further information on TQ Children’s Home Hirschkäfer under www.tq-hirschkaefer.de.

We offer places for training and practical training in order to make a contribution to the safeguarding of our competitiveness and also to have an adequate number of qualified employees for the future. Our object is to provide the young people with the best prerequisites for a successful start in their professional life.


Vocational training

TQ provides training for four professions:

  • Industrial salesman/saleswoman,
  • male/female electronic technicians for apparatuses and systems
  • male/female industrial electricians for  apparatuses and systems
  • male/female IT specialist system integration
  • male/female IT specialist application development
  • male/female mechatronic technicians
  • male/female logistics technician

There are presently approx. 80 persons at all levels of the training programs at TQ and six professional trainers, who are certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our demands for theoretical and practical training are very high – considering we would like to absorb the trainees as competent employees in TQ at the end of the training session.


Practical training

Along with our own vocational training we maintain close contacts with universities, technical colleges and other higher schools of learning, an important measure in order to be able to cover our future requirement of personnel. We arrange information events and continuously take on practical trainees and interns during their vacations. The students get acquainted with our company by working there and can gain extensive practical experience and thus obtain a good basis for a possible employment in our enterprise at a later date.


Dual study courses

We offer the practical components of Bachelor studies “Electrical Engineering and Information technology" within the framework of our education program “University Dual” together with the University of Munich. Theory phases at the university alternate with practical training at TQ. The students interact at development projects for renowned customers. They are supported in this by an experienced mentor. Presently four students are participating in the dual study program with advanced experience at TQ.

Our employees have various possibilities specific to TQ to make provisions for old age apart from the mandatory social security. The most important support is the TQ old-age pension scheme, which ensures a employer-financed company pension for the TQ work force.

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