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TQMa57xx - The Next Generation ARM Module

26.10.2017 | TQ-Embedded | TQ-Group

TQ ARM Modul

With the embedded module TQMa57xx, TQ is planning a new Minimodule, in which the processor family AM57xx is used with the basis of a Cortex A15 by Texas Instruments. TQ can continue to support its customers with innovative products in the ARM area with the systematic selection of future-oriented technology.

A Cortex A15 Core with up to 2x 1,5 GHz is planned on the TQMa57xx module. There will be a single and a dual core version of this CPU. A high-performance graphic is integrated in this CPU. Through the combination of very good CPU performance with attractive graphic power, the module can be used in areas in which the graphic and computing capacity play a role in addition to quick data communication. TI-specific PRU’s (Programmable Real Time Unit) and/or two Cortex M4 controllers can be used for industrial controllers and real-time support. Furthermore, the developer can profit from a DSP integrated in the CPU.

Several module variations can be used with excellent results on a cross-department basis as a platform concept due to the scalability of the pin-to-pin-compatible CPU derivatives and companies can thereby refer to existing know-how. In many projects, that not only saves valuable time but also adds savings to the development cycle.

This module is the ideal platform, also for applications from the areas of industrial controllers, Industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Gateways due to the small footprint of the TQMa57xx of only 70x54 mm². With camera interfaces integrated into both processors, system innovations can also be implemented that place demands on applications with a direct camera connection.

As it is typical for TQ, all external usable signals of the CPU’s are supplied to the customer via industry-compatible connectors. RAM up to 2 GB DDR3L + ECC, 256 MB Quad SPI NOR flash and up to 32 MB eMMC flash is planned for the program and data on the embedded module. In addition, EEPROM and a battery-buffered and energy-saving real-time clock (RTC) from the motherboard are implemented.

With these designs, TQ will expand its product range with a Cotex A15-based CPU architecture. Customers benefit from a high-performance platform with long-term availability with attractive terms.

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