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TQ Systems was a test winner in “Germany’s best jobs with a future”

16.08.2017 | TQ-Group

TQ Hauptsitz Delling 04

Study by Focus Money and Deutschland Test

“Germany’s best jobs with a future” were introduced in the July issue of the business magazine Focus. The Seefeld technology company TQ Systems was also awarded this new seal of approval. The study used as a basis examined the 5000 companies with the highest number of employees located in Germany.

The branches and the companies where jobs are particularly secure were studied. The study analyzed three different metrics over a period that went back five years (2011 – 2015). The metrics reflect the commercial strength of the company and thus the security of the jobs. TQ was convincing with a high stability, something that equated to a reliable, plannable future for the jury.

Reiner Gerstner, Chief Marketing Officer of the TQ Group, explained the stability with the wide-ranging interests. “TQ is a development and manufacturing service provider for well-known companies but we also offer manufactured components such as microcontroller modules, drives for e-bikes and for robotics as well as solutions for aviation applications and medicine. We have always been able to ride out market fluctuations because of this. Since the company was founded in 1994, TQ has continued on a positive trend, something that we are very proud of.”

HR manager at TQ, Christine Dirix, adds, “For applicants, job security plays a large role when choosing an employer. The independent study supports job-seekers when assessing companies in terms of job security. We are very happy that TQ was part of the study and that the jury gave us the award.”

The “Germany’s best jobs with a future” study was performed under contract to Focus Money and Deutschland Test by the Faktenkontor company with scientific supervision by Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges.