COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative

Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative


A modular Embedded PC platform
based on COM Express

Suitable for:

  • Individual Embedded systems (Integration in devices / equipments)
  • Embedded PCsIndustrial PCs / BoxPCs
  • Panel-PCs
  • Display systems / Digital Signage

Embedded PC - as easy as a standard PC


Key functionalities

  • Modular concept
  • Scalable (from Intel®Atom bis  Intel®Core i7)
  • Space-saving through slim profile 
  • Optimal thermal connection and simple system integration
  • Mainly passive cooling
  • Flexible extendibility
  • Embedded features
  • Long-term availability
  • High level of functional reliability and durability (24/7)
  • High quality "Made in Germany"
  • Realisation of hardware kits, Box-PCs and Panel-PCs/HMI

Now also available with Intel Core 3rd generation ("Ivy Bridge")!

Logo COMSys
COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative COMSys: Developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative


The COM Express mainboard (carrier board) MB-COME-1 in combination with a standard COM Express module forms a very compact hardware kit that can be used for a freely scalable embedded PC platform thanks to its modular design. Because of this – with uniform interfaces and mechanical dimensions – the PC system can be easily adjusted to suit the requirements of the application.


The many extension options and storage media that can be added offer a high level of flexibility and allow functionalities and performance to be extended easily, quickly and inexpensively.


Typical uses are found in embedded server applications, PC systems for automation, visualisation and monitoring and all applications that place high demands on quality, durability and long-term availability.


Based on COMSys specific housing-solutions BoxPCs and Panel-PCs are available. There are standard till extremely rugged, dust and spray proofed designs obtainable.


For efficient system integration ask for our detailed 3D STEP data.


Use the link at the ordering information below to get more information about the different products.

Ordering information

Ordering information

COM Express Mainboard MB-COME-1

Mainboard for COM Express Modules (Type 2)

The COM Express mainboard is part of the Embedded Building Blocks (COMSys embedded PC platform) and could be delivered also seperately.


  • Tested with many COM Express modules from different CPU module vendors.
  • Suitable for "rapid prototyping" and also for massproduction in low, middle and high volumes.
  • External Interfaces: 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 4x USB, DVI-I, RS-232, Power- Button, Reset-Button
  • Internal Interfaces: CompactFlash socket, CFast socket, socket for 2,5” HDD/SSD, SATA, LVDS&HMI interface, 2x USB, System connector, IO Extension Interface, Mini PCIe socket, Riser interface for PCI/PCIe add in cards, 20-pol. ATX Power input, battery (socket version)
  • Expandable with standard add in cards (PCI, PCIe, Mini PCIe)

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COMKits (mainboard + module + internal memory + cooling solution)

Hardwarekits for integration into overall systems and projectspecific housings

Embedded PC Kit (completely mounted/proved) consisting of


  • Thermal interface
  • COM Express CPU module (Type 2)
  • DDR3 RAM
  • Mainboard MB-COME-1L

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Rugged BoxPC (active cooled) with Intel Core CPUs



  • COMBox-EMB: Rugged BoxPC (active cooled) with
    up to Intel Core 3rd generation CPUs,
    optionally with protection class IP53
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  • Rugged high quality Chassis in Aluminium "Made in Germany"
  • Closed housing and housing with openings for natural airflow available
  • Optimized passive cooling
  • EMI tested regarding:
    EN55022:2006+A1:2007 Class A (emitted)
    EN55024:2010 (immunity)
  • Long term available
  • High reliability and lifetime (24/7)
  • Internal fan for special temperature requirements (optional)

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COMPanel - project specific COMSys HMI solutions

With COMSys you can realize your own HMI / Panel-PC very flexible and efficient.


  • All performance classes from  Intel Atom up to Intel Core i7
  • Single / dual / quad core
  • up to 16 GB DDR3
  • Typical display sizes from 15" up to 23"
  • optional with Multitouch (Projected Capacitive Touch)
  • Easy to realize fanless systems
  • Protection class up to IP65
Do your own panel system integration with COMSys Embedded PC platform or ask for an individual solution from TQ.


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Product information

COMSys - The Embedded PC Platform

Get expirience in the concept of the COMSys Embedded PC platform from TQ and learn for which applications the PC unit is predistinated and how you can benefit from this.

(TQ-COMSys-concept-presentation.20130220_01.pdf, 1.8 MByte, 18.10.2012)

Datasheet COMSys / MB-COME-1

Datasheet for the COMSys Embedded PC building blocks based on the TQ mainboard MB-COME-1L

(tq_datenblatt_COMsys_engl_1113_101_Web.pdf, 449 KByte, 13.12.2010)

COMSys - Overview

Get an overview about the Embedded PC platform COMSys, which was developed regarding the Intel Embedded Buildung Blocks Initiative.

(EBB_Presentation_Rev110_English.pdf, 2.1 MByte, 05.04.2011)

Embedded Building Blocks Technology

Flyer about the Embedded Building Blocks Intiative from Intel.

(EBB_ind_en.pdf, 572 KByte, 20.12.2010)


COMSys Quick Start Guide

Overview: Functions, Interfaces and Performance Classes with notes for getting started.

(COMSys.COMKit-QuickStartGuide.010_01.pdf, 384 KByte, 17.03.2011)


Driver Download area at Intel

Link to the Intel Download Center ( with the latest Intel driver for the Mainboard and the COM Express modules which are used on the COMKits. For the Mainboard Ethernet Controller search for 82574L. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver (Use "Select a product family"="Graphics" / "Select a product line"="Laptop graphics drivers"). Note: Within the Intel Download-Center you have access to all Drivers for the supported Operating Systems (including server versions).


(, 297 Byte, 23.12.2010)


RoboCup world champion relies on the COMSys PC solutions of TQ

The LUHbots team of the Leibniz University of Hannover, together with TQ-Systems, will put the performance of their mobile robots - with COMSys embedded PC components from TQ - to the test at embedded world exhibition.



Author: Harald Maier, Produktmanager x86, TQ-Group

published: 02/2013

(download_linkto_News_COMSys-EmbWorld2013_RoboCup_en.html, 387 Byte, 11.04.2013)

Strong multi-talents - COMSys x86 solutions

TQ presents hardware kits, BoxPCs and PanelPC with the latest Intel® Core™ processors at embedded world.



Author: Harald Maier, Produktmanager x86, TQ-Group

published: 02/2013

(download_linkto_News_COMSys-EmbWorld2013_COMSys_en.html, 370 Byte, 11.04.2013)

NEWS: COMSys now with Intel® Ivy Bridge

Strong processing power with up to 25% reduced energy usage

The modular embedded PC system COMSys by TQ is now available with the latest Intel® Core™ technology. The new CPU generation impresses with its improved energy efficiency. Processing power and graphics performance have also increased up to 40% compared to the previous version.



Author: Harald Maier, Product Manager x86, TQ-Group

published: 11/2012

(download_linkto_News_COMSys-2012-11-IvyBridge_en_01.html, 428 Byte, 19.11.2012)

NEWS: Embedded PC platform COMSys: A strong foundation for Box PCs and Panel PCs

The uses of TQ's embedded PC platform COMSys grow ever more varied: the modular system now not only shows up in TQ's own products, but often forms the core element of individual partner and customer solutions that require flexibility, reliability, optimized cooling, and long-term availability.



Author: Harald Maier, Product Manager x86, TQ-Group

published: 11/2012

(download_linkto_News_COMSys-2012-11-Basis_BoxPC_PanelPC_en_01.html, 455 Byte, 19.11.2012)


Many accessories are available to extend the functions of the hardware kit and for mechanical integration, providing a modular design with many different combination options, also on a system level.

  • Riser cards for standard PCI and/or PCIe cards
  • Housing and installation accessories
  • Power units
  • Storage media / Mass storage

Also ask for special accessories for your project.

Riser cards for standard PCI and/or PCIe cards

The following Riser cards are currently available as standard product:


for a standard PCI card (32 bit) below the mainboard

Manufacturer: TQ


for a standard PCIe card (x1) below the mainboard

Manufacturer: TQ


Housing and installation accessories

Our cooperation partner apra-norm provides housings that are developed especially for the Embedded Bulding Blocks:

Embedded-PC chassis

suitable for COMKits with Heatspreader

  • extremly robust, optimal heat disipation for COMSys
  • IP 53 class (Dust/Water), all connectors on one side
  • Mounting: VESA 100 on bottom side
    additional mounting options (DIN rail, wall mount,...) available
  • possible extensions: one standard card (PCI or PCIe)
  • prepared for WLAN antenna
  • custom specific modifications on request

DatasheetEBB Embedded-PC chassis (German)


Source of supply: TQ / apra-norm (Article#: 205-400-00)

For the installation of the COMKits in standard Mini-ITX housing the following assembly set is provided:


consisting of

  • Standard IO shield for COMKits
  • Distance bolts (M3) and screws (M3) for the 22mm stand-off inside the Mini-ITX housing
  • UNC fixing bolts for Sub-D and DVI connector

Manufacturer: TQ


Especially when having very compact housings, the mechanical integration options have to be verified by the user, as a collision with the fixing clamps may occur (depending on the housing construction).



Power units

The power supply of the COMKits corresponds to standard-ATX (20 pin), so that standard ATX power units may be used.

For a preferably compact construction and for the integration in the housings from apra-norm, that are especially developed for the Embedded Building Blocks, the following power units fit best:

picoPSU power unit series

Miniatur DC/DC ATX power unit

Available with different output classes and input voltages.

For running on system voltages (e.g. 230V) an external AC/DC power unit is additionally required.

Source of supply: divers (examples as follows)

TypeInfoSource of supply examples

picoPSU-8080W / 12V (yellow)Link
picoPSU-9090W / 12V (yellow)Link
picoPSU-120120W / 12V (yellow)Link
picoPSU-80-WI-3280W / 12-32V (red)Link
picoPSU-120-WI-25120W / 12-25V (red)Link
M3-ATX125W / Kfz (blue)Link
M3-ATX-HV95W / Kfz (blue)Link

Please note the detailed specifications of the manufacturer (voltages, currents, installation notes). Additional bundles consisting of picoPSU power unit and AC/DC power unit are provided from divers supplier.


For running the COMKits the 80W variant (picoPSU-80 respectively picoPSU-80-WI-32) is sufficient, unless the supply voltage is strongly loaded by additional components. For systems with CPU power dissipation of 35 W and higher please use the 120 W variant (picoPSU-120 respectively picoPSU-120-WI-25).

At TQ the picoPSU-80, picoPSU-80-WI-32, picoPSU-120 and picoPSU-120-WI-25 variants have been employed until now.

Storage media / Mass storage

Standard mass storage (2,5" SATA HDD / 2,5" SATA SDD, CompactFlash, CFast Flash-Cards and USB-Flash-Drives) may be employed for COMKits.

All tested storage media have not shown any technical concerns until now. A compatibility list is not yet available.


For harsh environments and raised temperature requirements it is recommended to employ flash based storage media. Especially for passive cooled systems, that are set up with closed housings, flash based storage media should be used. Those storage media have definite less self-heating than hard disks (HDDs) and therefore Hot-Spots in closed housings may be avoided.


When using hard disks it should be paid attention to the fact that for applications with raised requirements regarding temperature, permanent operation, life time and reliability models are needed that are specified for "Industrial" respectively "Automotive".

Supplier in this sector are for example:

 Vendors / Sources for SSDs (solid-state-drives) (example):



Partner within the Embedded Building Blocks Initiative



Intel GmbH
(Initiator of Embedded Building Blocks)

Intel is the world leader of innovations of semiconductors and the engine of the digitalization in our society. Worldwide around 80.000 employees are working for the company at 300 locations. In Germany Intel is based in Braunschweig, Munich as well as Ulm. Beside distribution and marketing, R&D-activities are in the focus of Intel in Germany. At different locations processes and technologies of tomorrow as well as the simplification of software development are worked on.



White paper signal integrity

Learn how to simplify the design of baseboards for our TQ modules. >>> Ask for our white paper.

Support news


BSP Version 0105 with IPU, VPU and GPU Support


Version with Kernel 3.12


CAN, RS485, audio & minor improvements / bugfixes

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