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New video about TQ Drives

TQ Drives presents its new motor-gear-units



1 for all: the motor-gear-units by TQ:

Latest news from our business area TQ Drives: We presented our new motor-gear-unit already at the SPS IPC Drives. With this unit we are able to serve all popular gear transmission ratios concerning drive and automation technologies: Planetary gear, cycloid drive, harmonic drive gear and our own pin ring gear.

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New videos

Videos vom E2MS Dienstleister (E²MS, EMS) TQ-Systems

View the latest videos on TQ and the current issues that are of interest to our customers:

Just arrived!

TQMxE38M: Das COM Express™ Mini Modul mit Intel® Atom™


TQMxE38M - COM Express™ Mini Modul with Intel® Atom™ E3800 

How can extremely high-performance yet very economical systems be realised? With the new TQ mini-module TQMxE38M: The type 10-compliant pin-out makes all the important interfaces of the CPU available so that users can make use of the full performance capabilities of the Intel® Atom™ processor. With ECC Memory, TPM, a highly accurate RTC und the particularly comfortable UEFI BIOS, the Mini Module makes the essential difference for many applications. The compact and robust design, together with the possibility of optional conformal coating extend the field of application to demanding industrial, rail and aviation environments.   

[ > more about the COM Express Mini Embedded board]

Latest ARM module

Here you see the TQMLS102xA


TQMLS102xA: ARM® Cortex™-A7 module with LS102xA by Freescale 

The new minimodule TQMLS102xA by TQ is based on the new QorIQ™ LS102xA Layerscape™-processor-family by Freescale Semiconductor. As 1st processor in the world (in this category), LS102xA supports - combined with the new ARM®-based bussystem „Cache Coherent Interconnect“ (CCI400) - very fast data transfer and virtualization. The combination of very low power loss and the perfect connection of the ARM® CPU to the commuication unit promises a trendsetting aspect. Therefore, the minimodule TQMLS102xA is ideal for all applications, where low energy consumption as well as high standards regarding the periphery are required. 

[ > more about the ARM Cortex-A7 board]








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Intel® Atom™ technology in new design quality


Expansion of capacity and know-how

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